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Alexandra BC hosts Keynsham Mencap

Alexandra BC hosts Keynsham Mencap

On Tuesday 24 August, Keynsham Mencap visited Alexandra Bowling Club as part of their scheme to try different sports.
The group arrived at 3:30pmwith two volunteers, and qualified coaches, Felicity and Danny Kite, showed them the basics of delivering the bowls, delivering the jack and centering it on the rink. Following this, three lads decided to have a match. A couple of ends were played. Deano scored on the first end and Jethro got the second shot receiving applause from the audience, coach and volunteers. All delivered some really good bowls but I think Jethro had the edge over the others on the second end because he got two shots which received loud applause from the Club Members who were watching the game and cheering on the players. However, Deano delivered two very good back bowls on that last end and Barry put in a couple of good blockers! It transpired that Jethro’s grandad was a “legend” at bowls and played for Knowle Bowls Club in his life time; Jethro has inherited his grandad’s bowls so, hopefully, he will bring them with him next time.
A good two hours was had by all and the group was invited along again with some more friends to have another go.
Susie confidently gave thanks to the coaches for their time and making the day an enjoyable one.
On behalf of the coaches it was a very profitable afternoon for the group and an exceptionally enjoyable one.
Despite any difficulties people may have, they can be overcome through a game of bowls which goes to show it is a totally inclusive sport.
Keynsham Mencap, you are welcome back any time we would love to see you again!

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