Fostering and promoting the sport of flat green bowls at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation, competition, and social interaction
Bowls Development Alliance

Bowls Development Alliance

The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) is the body for Bowls England (flat green outdoor) and English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd (flat green indoor).


Play Bowls supports Sport England’s vision to produce a more productive, sustainable, resilient and responsible sport sector. This plan puts bowls customers at the heart of its delivery with the aim to make bowls clubs more welcoming and inclusive, particularly for those who are older and those who are currently under-represented in the sport but also help to reinforce a physical activity habit well into later life.


This strategy has aimed to align itself to the priorities laid down by Sport England in the new strategy “Towards an Active Nation” looking to develop more resilient habits, encourage those older people who are presently inactive to become active and develop a more diverse volunteer workforce.
“Working with flat green clubs to help them and the bowlers within them develop more resilient habits to ensure a stronger sport, the benefits of which can be enjoyed for a life time”

Core Values of the Organisation:

To focus on the needs of the bowler
To ensure everyone regardless of age, gender ethnicity or disability has access to a quality experience
To provide a safe environment in which to play


To strengthen resilience in the bowls core market
To continue to introduce new people into the sport so as to develop a habit of regular physical activity
To ensure all projects are fully inclusive
To contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of participants
To develop accurate data collection and insight methods alongside key partners
To upskill the volunteer workforce to ensure participants receive the best possible experience
To ensure clubs have support in the maintenance and development of their facilities and so strengthen resilience