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Alexandra Bowling Club welcomes the Charmbury Arms

Alexandra Bowling Club welcomes the Charmbury Arms

Sunday 8th May was a really fun day in our bowling calendar. Our friends from the Charmbury Arms pub in Bath came to Alexandra Bowling Club for a good game of bowls. This started as a bit of fun once a year but now has become one of our many fixtures. There will be a return match later in the season when they hope to win the cup, which has been given by them. We supply the bowls but one or two of our friends had purchased their own and one gentleman used to play short mat bowls so has always owned a set.
Last year’s meeting was a washout due to the weather but this year the sun shone. We broke off for some liquid refreshment several ends into the game which continued for 15 ends. Alexandra players coached the Charmbury group as the game progressed and several expressed an interest in learning more about the game and joining the club. One or two cannot attend our Monday social club nights due to work commitments but coaches are always willing to bring them on, as and when time allows for both parties.
Thanks to our two caterers, who are also good bowlers, we had a meal afterwards and more social gathering when we got to know the Charmbury players even better. The scores did not matter at the end of the day; it was the fun had by all that was important and I am sure that the more we see of our friends the greater the competition will become, as will the banter!
Based on this success, if there are any other organisations that would like to face the challenge of a new game please come and give it a try. We have a website or ring 0117 9864866 for further information. Come on, try something new and make good friends. This is a game for families or individuals and it is certainly not simply for the older generation as the Charmbury group
have proven!

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