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Player Position Guide

Player Position Guide

This is written from the perspective of a Team of Four which has the most specialised roles, one per player.

The Skip

Leads the team, like a captain in football. They set the tone of how the team plays and will took to guide and encourage his team.
On top of leading the team’s mindset, the skip will guide the tactics of the team. This will include what jack lengths should be rolled, as well as guiding how aggressive his players play through the shots he asks to be played. The skip should continue with this through his own play.

A skip should be one of the best players in the team. He should be able to play any shot. This could include draw shots, or weighted drives to cut down losses, add shots, or to turn the head over.


Acts as the second in command, therefore he must be on the same wavelength as the skip to help guide him through the shots he must play.

Likely look to play good positional shot player. This will be to either build the head, cover exposed positions, or disturb an unfavorable head.
As the last player to play before the skip they must look to get the skip into the best position possible.


The second will work in tandem with the lead. His role is to further develop the head once the lead has done his job.

Will also have to back up his lead if the lead is unable to get shots in the head. His must be able to salvage bad position early in the end to lay the platform for the third and skip.

As this is a “head building” role, a second must be a fantastic draw player.


The basic jobs of the lead are to: Roll the jack Get shots in the head

When rolling the jack the lead must be guided by the thoughts of the skip. It is vital that the jack is rolled to the length dictated by the skip. If not, the team’s game plan is wasted and the advantage is given to the opposition.

Once the jack is in place, the lead needs to get shots in the head. This builds a strong platform for the other players in the team to play for aggressive, higher reward shots.

In this role you doesn’t necessarily need to get the shot from your opposite number, but you should look to build good position.