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President’s Day – 21st April 2024

President’s Day – 21st April 2024

Sunday, 21 April saw the opening game at Alexandra Bowling Club – President’s Day. We began in the early afternoon in brilliant sunshine – such a welcome break from rain!

We have been looking after our premises for a few years now and the chaps who tend our green have done a magnificent job throughout the winter to get it looking green and welcoming. There have been regular working parties grafting outside, weather permitting, to get the clubhouse surrounds looking in good order while ladies have been using their time indoors to give everything the “once over” so that we feel comfortable in our surroundings.

We were playing against each other, so the match consisted of two teams of four playing against two other teams of four with a pairs match and a triples game. After people doubting that they would reach the jack (the little white ball) we were very pleased that the green was running so well that we managed the objective of getting as close to the jack as we could. There was a great deal of banter, as one team could not seem to remember whose side they were on, but they sorted themselves out and a good game was enjoyed by all.

Overall, the score ended with the President’s team winning, then we adjourned for a selection of hot casseroles and pudding all provided by our catering manager and her husband.

Bowls is good fun and I do wish that more people would walk through the gates, take a seat, and enjoy watching the matches. There is no obligation to take part, but one can buy a drink from our well stocked bar to slake any thirst while watching!

The Club offers free coaching to anyone – preferably from Bath, as we have coached people from far flung places like America, France and China, Andover, and Birmingham only to find that some are not local but visiting the park for the view across Bath!

Do not be shy, come and give it a go! There is no pressure; we want to keep this sport alive locally. Anyone can try it from the age of five to beyond retirement. It is not an old person’s sport and it features in the Commonwealth Games. It is a sport for all so come along on a Monday evening at 6pm and give it a try. We supply the bowls; all you need is comfortable clothes and flat shoes if you have them, if not it doesn’t matter. We usually go into the Clubhouse afterwards for a hotdog, a pint and a quiz if you are so inclined. If you cannot make Mondays, then give us a ring on the number below to arrange another day and time.

Felicity Kite,


Alexandra Bowling Club